Argyle Winery

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Argyle Winery took the opportunity with us to give their brand identity the focus they had always felt it deserved. They were producing one of the top sparkling wines outside the region of Champagne and a kick-ass Pinot Noir to boot on American soil. Argyle was making strides and ramping up production when they saw the need to redefine their product line to help customers grasp the breadth of their work. The brand identity and packing design system became instrumental in their continued success.

Argyle Winery had a range of sparkling and still wines with a need to scale with the level of quality. We created a label design system giving them three distinct tiers leveraging their core argyle/diamond iconography, a tier name system and a family of colors.
label design
As bottles were passed, opened and shared — yes, the hard part of the project — this advertising campaign and book concept came about from the significant roll sparkling wine plays in our culture.
An alternative concept for Argyle's brand identity was this reconfigured “A” which we liked since every bottle holds a hidden surprise within. We like to think it may come to brand a special edition one day.
brand identity