Eel River Brewery

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When we set out for Eel River Brewing in Fortuna, California, with our advertising and branding duffle bag in hand, we quickly saw they had done things the smart way from the beginning, such as brewing craft beer with organic hops and feeding the left-over mash to their cattle to produce organic meats. We liked that it wasn’t a trend they were riding as much as “just the way things were done” in their words.

Eel River Brewery attracts a diverse group of North Coast folk who come out to rub elbows in the local bars. We liked the fact that tree-huggers and loggers find common ground when it comes to craft beer. The ensuing advertising campaign was the perfect moment to celebrate our differences.
On the notion Eel River Brewing makes craft beer the way they do for no other reason than it makes sense - we coined this advertising campaign "No bull beer" harkening back to the days when intuition is what we had.