Kosta Browne Winery

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At the core of Kosta Browne’s culture lies a code. One that has been there since inception, One that is embedded in today and one that is forever reshaping as time unfolds. We helped them express this in words and images.

There’s an energy at Kosta Browne that runs through every aspect of what they do. The combination of creative thinking and a no-nonsense pursuit of doing what it takes to make better wines. They’re not afraid of the unconventional and encourage new thinking - and do so in thoughtful ways.
culture & vision
Brand Code and Brand Standards manuals helped Kosta Browne’s team continue to shape their culture and vision as well as speak to their audience.
brand standards
What lies behind Kosta Browne’s approach is as varied as their wines. Label designs, with a distinct tier system utilizing iconography, language and color coding, were essential in assisting the customer journey. Minimalism became the expression of the top tier.
package design
When it came time to reach out and say hello the Kosta Browne team wanted to take it a step closer to getting to know one another. Individually addressed cards, on a first name basis, were signed by the correspondent to open a conversation.
print collateral
Photography : Troyce Hoffman and Kim Carroll