Tonopah Brewery

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Tonopah Brewing Company’s Identity design sprang from a legacy up to the neck in lore, both beauty and brawn. A pick-axe as a “T” and the “Queen of the Silver Camps”, to shed light on the weary souls of the miners, came to symbolize the micro-brewer’s fountain to quench the parched. – and for those traveling between Reno and Vegas.

Miner's; Prairie Dove's; Outlaws and Undertaker's. Wyatt Earp feared for his quick draw; The Woman in Red who was murdered due to a crime of passion at the Mizpah Hotel - and who's ghost remains; The "soon to be mayor" put on ice in a cast iron tub when he passed a few days prior to an election - in order to claim he was alive and secure the seat for his successor. There was no end in sight to the tales of Tonopah - the home of the craft brewery.
package design
The impact of posters supersedes that of electronic devices for their sheer scale alone. We jump at the chance to bring them back to environments, in this case with the silkscreen technique of the times.
graphic design